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We are always up to something fantastic! On this page we will tell you about our upcoming events, relive and retell our past experiences, and give you bits of information that we think will be of help to you. Please visit this page often to see the exciting things going on at our school.

Stay Connected

To find out what is happening in the district, please read the Falcon Focus. Information regarding your child's school can be found on their school's website.

Spring Break

Spring break will be March 15 to 19 with school resuming and the fourth quarter beginning on Monday, March 22. Have a safe and happy break!

New Online Annual Registration

We are completing our new online annual registration and new student enrollment process through PowerSchool. You’ll be able to complete new student enrollments as well as existing student annual registrations all online. Please watch for directions in the next couple of weeks on how to register your students for next school year.

Governing Board Survey

The Governing Board will be sending out a survey to the stakeholders of the district to begin the strategic planning process. When you receive the link to the survey, please take a few moments to complete it. This will help with guiding the work of the district in the next several years through goal development and establishment of guiding principles and beliefs. You’ll receive a flyer when the survey is ready for your attention.

ATI Galileo Mid-Year Benchmark Assessments

Starting on Tuesday, February 16 kindergarten through third grade will administer mid-year benchmark assessments using our standards-based assessment system, ATI Galileo. We will administer kindergarten assessments one-on-one verbally and with students performing tasks. First grade assessments will be on paper with teachers reading aloud all stories and questions. All of second and third grade assessments will be online through the students ATI logins, and they will have the universal accommodation of text-to-speech (questions read aloud) for math. Third grade’s assessments will not only measure student’ progress on priority standards learned so far but will also provide teachers with relevant data in preparation for the state AzM2 assessment that third graders will take in April.

Arizona State Testing

We are required to have every child in our district take the AzM2 in person. In the upcoming weeks, please look for the testing schedules and locations for the remote and virtual academy students. This is a federal requirement and according to Arizona Department of Education, not negotiable. We will be doing our best to facilitate schedules and locations that will keep your children (virtual/remote) safe while taking their state assessments.

COVID Dashboard and District Processes

To view our current data on COVID cases in our district, as well as the COVID processes we have in place, please check out our COVID Updates and Information page.